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Hello and welcome to Thomas Hjelm Art

Meet the artist - Thomas Hjelm

I am driven to create art by a keen desire to outwardly express my inner self and imagination through the use of colour and composition. Without doubt I have found that abstract painting is the form of artistic expression that gives the greatest freedom and inspiration.

I was born in Oslo, Norway and for the first few years of my life I lived in Sandvika on the southern coast before coming to the UK in 1985. Then for much of my life I lived in Devon before settling with my family in Cornwall. I have always felt fortunate to live near the sea, and it has further inspired me to explore and create.

In general, I like to paint with high quality oils due to its texture and richness of colour. I tend to paint in portrait orientation, and I produce medium to large size paintings. I always do my best to select quality materials and paints, and I prefer to paint on deep edge canvases.

In particular I am interested in creating art that leaves a thoughtful impact and sense of feeling, simply by the use of evocative colour and imaginative, abstract composition. To date I have exhibited my artwork in local galleries, both in Devon and Cornwall.

Thanks for the visit, regards Thomas


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